A public benefit corporation.

What we believe

We believe...

people of every stripe, from every background can live together in harmony. We believe each of us can help and support one another as we each pull ourselves forward into the life and the lifestyle we want for ourselves and for our families. We believe poverty should only be an unfortunate episode and never an intractable way of life for any of our fellow citizens. We believe we can work together to ensure poverty is rare and episodic, as we do life together in the urban core of our nation. 

Why we exist

Urban core community development


People from varying backgrounds, ethnicities and political perspectives can build community. As we make our sojourn through life, traverse the episodes that make up the human experience, triumphs and challenges, we can “do life together” in urban cores all around this nation. Strong healthy individuals, strong healthy families, strong healthy communities, strong healthy urban cores, strong vibrant organically diverse sustainable metropolitan areas: Ezra-Nehemiah Corporation helps build, one person, one brick at a time.

Urban core economic mobility initiatives


People from varying backgrounds, ethnicities and political perspectives, working together, can help their neighbors pull themselves forward into the lives and lifestyles that support strong healthy communities. Together, we end poverty.

We help you imagine "it"... We help you build...

Close the gap between your vision and your capacity to execute. We help you practically and effectively execute your vision, and get better over time. 

Family-Centric Community Development

Leveraging person-centered thinking and person-centered practices to help people help themselves.

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