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In 458 B.C. there arrived on the scene in Jerusalem a preacher, the likes of which Israel had never seen.† He was a religious reformer who understood that the hearts of the people had to be turned toward God.† Unless this happened, all they would have was a temple and a regimen of rituals.† Where other priests before him† focused on temple worship and the related rituals, this gentleman focused on scripture, the right dividing of the truth, the ability of the people to understand it and more importantly, to live it.† His name was Ezra.

Thirteen years into Ezraís ministry in Jerusalem, there arrived on the scene an organizational architect. He worked behind the scenes in obscure anonymity but with God-breathed precision, strategic timing and organizational effectiveness.† He helped Ezra mobilize a generation of new and recommitted believers into a spiritual force that revitalized a broken and decaying city.† His name was Nehemiah.

When Nehemiah arrived on the scene to labor beside Ezra, something remarkable happened.† They rebuilt and reestablished a healthy community lifestyle in Jerusalem in just 52 days.† In just 52 days, these men changed the trajectory and course of human history.

This is the spirit of the Ezra-Nehemiah Corporation.† This is why we existóto change the trajectory and course of your ministry and in so doing, help you establish healthy believers who transform the communities in which they live.† Like Ezra, we realize that the hearts of the people must be turned toward God; and like Nehemiah we realize that ministry needs a plan, precise execution and organizational effectiveness.† There is a gap between your organizationís full potential and your current set of results.† We help you close that gap.

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